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9/2/2019 FOR SALE: 2006 Lido 14 #6251 with Trailer
  • Family grew up and moved away. Time to sell.
  • White/Emerald Green
  • Was the showboat at 2006 International Boat Show, Long Beach
  • Less than 100 hours of use
  • Recreational sails (like new), Storm Main (new)
  • Stored indoors since new
  • Located in Redlands, CA
  • $3500 or best reasonable offer



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8/19/2019 FOR SALE: Lido 14 #2284 with Trailer

This boat is complete and ready to sail now!

Key features:
  • One suit of cruising grade sails
  • Vintage WD Schock Lido 14 Trailer
  • Sailors Tailor brand Mast up/Trailering Cover
  • DoubleWave Floating Whisker Pole
  • Current DMV paperwork for boat and trailer

The boat has had a number of items brought up to date, including:
  • Centerboard trunk braces
  • Dual padded hiking strap system
  • Forestay
  • Centerboard shock cord
  • Stainless steel bow fitting stem fitting
  • 6000 series gooseneck
  • Rudder pintle reinforcement plates
  • Diamond stay reinforcement plates
  • Mainsheet bridle
  • Teak transom trim
  • Harken brand mainsheet ratchet block and swivel base.

  • $1500
  • Located in Costa Mesa, CA
  • For inspection of the boat, contact John @ (949) 466-0888 (mobile)


(415) 509-8304

mikeromomg (at)

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8/17/2019 FOR SALE:1976 Lido 14 #4241 with trailer
  • Owned for 15 years; sailed in fresh water only
  • Sails in good condition
  • Transom in good condition
  • Fiberglass rudder
  • Valid registrations for boat and trailer
  • Located in Rocklin, CA
  • $1250

Peter Hill

(916) 624-3185


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7/22/2019 FOR SALE: North Sails brand Lido 14 Main and Jib Sails
  • Very serviceable
  • No battens or sail bag
  • $125 plus shipping
  • Located in Fort Worth, TX

Mark Buesing


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7/12/2019 FOR SALE: Classic Lido 14 Parts
  • $150 for the mast. $250 for all the other items (combined)

Louis Prado


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7/11/2019 SOLD: 1985 Lido #5024 with trailer
  • Built for Lido Legend Gib Marshall
  • Two sets of Quantum sails. One Major Regatta ready and one for casual sailing and racing.
  • Gresham Rudder
  • Centerboard jibe set by DoubleWave
  • Minimum Weight Boat and Race ready
  • Ratchet Blocks
  • Hiking Staps
  • Mast Down Cover
  • Road ready trailer with carpeted deck and taillight board
  • $3500 OBO

67/19/2019 FOR SALE:Lido 14 Racing Sails
  • Almost New, Lido 14 Ullman Racing Sails
  • These sails were bought brand new and stored in bags, inside.
  • We had other practice sails so we just kept these sails for important regattas. We only sailed with them twice!
  • There are no stains, marks or blemishes. They’re pretty much just the way they were they day they were built.
  • $1200 (They cost $1,600 plus tax when we bought them)
  • Located in Redondo Beach, CA

Harry Munns

(310) 415 4393

6/18/2019 WANTED: Lido 14 Sailboats
  • Greater Los Angeles Area Council Boy Scouts of America is looking for Lido 14 sailboats to be used at Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island (Los Angeles area).
  • We need serviceable boats to be donated with 501c3 receipt or at a very fair price.
  • Our council serves over 2500 youth annually at summer camp. Let us teach sailing to the next generation in your ol’ Lido.



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6/5/2019 WANTED: Lido 14 Sailboats and Parts
  • The Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation, - a 501c3 Charity - is looking for Lido 14 sailboats and parts donations. By donating to the SMBSF, you get a tax benefit and knowledge that when your items are sold, 100% of the proceeds are used to support sailing programs in the Santa Monica Bay area.
  • You can check out our programs at
  • Located in Los Angeles, CA


(310) 387-0747


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4/24/2019 FOR SALE 1984 Lido 14 #4933 w/ Trailer
  • This boat has been well maintained
  • Optimized fiberglass centerboard gybe
  • Trailer was recently painted and some parts replaced, including new wiring and new lights.
  • Motor sold separately for $400.
  • Located in Tampa, FL
  • $2000

Motor (sold separately)



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9/11/2018 FOR SALE: Classic Lido 14 Parts
  • Parting out a vintage Lido 14. Items include:
  • Two sets (main and jib) of serviceable (long past racing use) Lido 14 sails in bags. Stored inside for decades
  • Gold anodized mast and boom with shrouds and fittings. Wire stays need replacing. Spreaders missing in action.
  • Fiberglass centerboard with hangers. See photo.
  • A rough but salvageable teak tray with a vintage (well corroded) WD Shock emblem
  • Equally rough tiller with proper fitting and vintage extension
  • Gold anodized corner rub rail trim stern pieces
  • Gold anodized bow fitting with broken stem
  • Make me an offer
  • In your email specify what you want and what you are willing to pay and a good contact phone number
  • I will not haggle but if you expect shipping, my time is expensive
  • Located near Stockton. I might deliver to the Sacramento or Bay areas with a proper incentive



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8/16/2018 FOR SALE: 1972 Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Good condition
  • Includes owner's manual
  • Located in Portland, OR
  • $1500 OBO


Call or text (802) 349-9208

07/31/2018 FOR SALE: 1975 Lido 14 with Trailer
  • Ready to sail
  • Nice cover
  • Solid trailer
  • Two sets of sails
  • The transom is in good condition
  • Has set up for using a hoist
  • Located in Orange County, CA
  • $1500


(949) 584-3492


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7/14/2018 FOR SALE: Lido 14 Sails
  • Sobstad brand Lido 14 main sail with battens
  • Ullman Sails brand Lido 14 jib
  • Both were built in the 1980s and are in very good condition
  • Sails provided with roll type bags - which are in poor condition
  • Located in San Diego, CA
  • $350 for all


(619) 823-9034

7/1/2018 FOR SALE: 1980 Lido 14
  • Complete and ready to sail
  • Sound hull, good sails, rudder, centerboard, rigging, etc.
  • I also have a spare set of sails that are negotiable
  • Pink slip in hand
  • There is no trailer, however the price certainly reflects that
  • Just a little wax and teak oil and you'd have a great little boat for little cost
  • Located in Big Bear (Southern California)
  • Asking just $450


(909) 633-8817


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