1997/1998 Lido 14 Class Championship Regatta

August 1 through August 4, 1998

  Caveat - the following information is tentative and subject to approval of Fleet 7 and the Board of Director's of the Lido Class Association.

The Lido 14 Class Championship Regatta, and related events, will be held at Mission Bay Yacht Club August 1, 1998 through August 4, 1998. 

On Saturday, August 1, Mission Bay Yacht Club will host three regattas (sailed concurrently) as follows: 

 The Notice of Race and registration for these events will be published in the spring edition of the Lido 14 Class Association BowWave Newsletter

The Class Championship Regatta will be sailed August 2, 1998 through August 4, 1998.

With a non-refundable deposit for early registration of $20.00, the registrant will receive, without additional charge, a 1998 Class Championship T-Shirt.

Preregistration closes Sunday May 15, 1997.

T-shirts are available now and should be worn to advertise the event. T-shirts will be distributed at: SCYA Midwinters Regatta, SCYA Manning Series Regatta (both at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club), and the Pete Jefferson Invitational Regatta at MBYC; if not delivered they will be available the regatta or on request will be mailed for a shipping and handling charge of $3.00.

Regular registration will commence by mail upon publication of the Notice of Race and continue thereafter.

Registration at the Class Championship Regatta will commence Saturday August 1 and will conclude at approximately 10:00 a.m. on August 2.

Boats sailed in the Championship Regatta must be measured; a measurement check list prepared by a Fleet Measurer must be presented by the registrant at check-in at the regatta.

Detailed housing information will be distributed through the BowWave. Self contained motor homes may park at the Yacht Club during the regatta - subject to the rules of MBYC. Some private homes may be available to accommodate participants.

Sailing instructions will be available at check-in.

Though this Regatta is being held to select the 1998 Lido Class Champion and will feature some of the finest sailboat racers in the Lido 14 Class, the doors are open wide for sailors of every talent or for those seeking to learn. Make it a family vacation at Mission Bay.

Schedule of Events Summary

Saturday August 1:

 Sunday August 2:

 Monday August 3:

 Tuesday August 4:



Marilyn Patterson

P. O. Box 99603

San Diego, Ca. 92169


Please pre-register my LIDO # __________ in the 1998 Class Championship Regatta. I enclose my remittance of $20.00 to apply toward Regatta Fees. I agree that this sum is non-refundable.


*__________ I'll pick up my T-shirt at an upcoming regatta.

  *__________ Please hold my T shirt for pick up.

  *_________ I enclose an additional $3.00 -please mail my T. shirt.

* ________ I want an extra T shirt and I enclose an additional payment of $8.00 for each.

T shirt sizes are as follows: X-Large ________ Large _________ Medium_______








City, State and Zip




Need more information? Contact Roger Patterson, Regatta Chairman as follows:

at home 619-270-0177;

at Lido 14-San Diego 619-273-7151;

by mail - P. O. Box 99603, San Diego, Ca. 92169;

by fax at 619-581-9359;

by E Mail at lidopatt@inetworld.net.