Notice of Race

1999/2000 Sunkist Series

Inside Classes

Nov. 6 & Dec. 4, 1999 and Jan.*8 & Feb. 5, 2000

1st Saturday of Each Month (*except Jan 1, 2000)


The regatta will be governed by the 1997-2000 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US SAILING, the appropriate class rules, this Notice of Race and the Inside Sunkist Sailing Instructions.


The regatta is open to all members of a recognized US SAILING organization. All competitors must comply with the rules of the class that he or she is sailing in. There is no entry fee for the Inside Sunkist series.


Competitors must register at the BYC Race Office no later than 1100 hours before the start of any race. Only one entry is needed per series. Inside Sunkist Sailing Instructions and course charts will be available on or before Oct 23, 1998.


The Starting and Finishing area will be at the BYC Race Tower with courses inside Newport Harbor.


There will be two races each day, first warning signal at 1250 hrs. The courses will be described in the Inside Sunkist Sailing Instructions. The Regatta is open to all Sabots, Metcalfs, Lido 14 As &Bs, Thistles, CFJ's, Lasers, T-12's and any other class under 20ft in length with five boats per start. The Race Committee has the right to cancel or combine any class if there are not enough starters. The order of start will be determined by the Race Committee and displayed on BYC Race Tower.


Low point-scoring system - Appendix A2.2 of the RRS- will apply. Eight races are scheduled with two races constituting a series. Two (2) throw-outs will be allowed if all eight scheduled races are completed. If there are less than four completed races no throw-outs will be allowed, four to seven completed races only one throw-out will be allowed.


The 720? Turns penalty will be changed to read "one complete 360? turn in the same direction." This changes RRS 44.2.


The number of entries in each class will determine the number of prizes in each class.

For further info. please contact Troy Heidemann at BYC (949) 673-3515x131