Attention Lido 14 Sailors!

You are invited to the

2000 Ullman B Regatta & Sailing Clinic

Balboa Yacht Club

Saturday September 9, 2000



This regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 1997-2000 (RRS), the prescriptions of the US Sailing Association, current Lido 14 International Class Association Rules, Ullman B Regatta Sailing Instructions, and written announcements posted on the day of the regatta.




Lido 14 B.




This regatta is open to all "B" division sailors of the Lido 14 International Class Association and any non-Lido 14 International Class Association members wishing to learn more about and get hands on experience racing their Lido 14.




Registration on the day of the regatta, the Skippers Meeting, protest related events, and trophy presentation will be held at Balboa Yacht Club (BYC); located at 1801 Bayside Drive, Corona Del Mar, CA (949) 673-3515


Races, unless otherwise noted, will be held in the immediate vicinity of BYC.




Three (3) races are scheduled with short instructional clinics before each race. This regatta will be considered complete if only one (1) race is completed.




1000 hours: Clinic Session #1

1100 hours: Skippers Meeting


1130 hours: First Warning for Race #1

Lunch Break Bring your own or dine at BYC (duration TBA)

As Soon As Possible: Clinic Session #2

As Soon As Possible: Race #2

As Soon As Possible: Clinic Session #3


As Soon As Possible: Race #3

As Soon As Possible: Trophy Presentation & Food- BYC Sun Deck




Competitors must register by 1015 hours at BYC Front Office on the day of the regatta. Entries sent by mail must be received by BYC no later than September 10 (Friday). Sailing Instructions and course charts will be available the day of the regatta.






Entry Fee: $10.00.


Make checks payable to:

Balboa Yacht Club

Mail entry form and fee to:

Ullman B Regatta

c/o Balboa Yacht Club

1801 Bayside Drive

Corona del Mar, CA 92625





The hospitality of BYC and its facilities, except on site automobile parking, are extended to all competitors. Each boat must have its own internal sling for use with the dinghy hoist (South Boat Yard Hoist).




The Ullman B perpetual trophy will be awarded for first place. Take home trophies for the top two (2) skippers and crews.


For more information, please contact the Regatta Chairperson, John Papadopoulos, at (949) 863-1458

or via email at