Photographs of the 2000 Lido 14 Sr. Class Championships courtesy of Rich Roberts (

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Panorama of fleet sailing downwind on Big Bear Lake

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2000 Class Champion Nick Scandone with crew Dustin Arnold.  Grant and Barbara Williams in the background.

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2000 Silver Fleet champions Dave and Jeanne Smith, from Alamitos Bay YC

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Steve Mueller (hidden behind main sail) and crew Steven Madison

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Start of what looks like one of the Gold Fleet races.  Grant Williams (4300) at the pin end, Tom & Bette Jenkins (4078) to windward of Grant.

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Tom & Bette Jenkins (4078) and John Papadopoulos (5031) in background

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Tony Beltran with crew Adam Himelson (4072)  leading Mike Pinckney (2700) and Nick Scandone (5123) lidoN07.jpg (60681 bytes)
Don Barrus (4311) on starboard.  Unidentified boat on port getting too close! lidoN08.jpg (44216 bytes)
Stu Robertson and crew Cameron Biehl (3113), Don Barrus (4311) and Grant and Barbara Williams (4300) on the far right. lidoN09.jpg (50825 bytes)
Mike Pinckney and crew Jamie DeWolfe (2700 on right) and John Papadopoulos and Derek Roess (5031) on left lidoN010.jpg (49904 bytes)
Susie Denny and her crew lidoN011.jpg (53331 bytes)
Roger Patterson and crew Stephanie Carroll getting a tow home after a breakdown

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