This page contains information regarding the 2000 Lido 14 Class Championship Regatta


Q: When and where is the Class Championship Regatta?

A: The Regatta is scheduled for July 23 through 26th of 2000 and is to be held on Big Bear Lake in the town of Big Bear Lake, California ( which is North East of Los Angeles in the San Bernadino Mountains.


The Regatta Registration Area and general Headquarters are to be at Big Bear Marina, at 500 Paine Road in the town of Big Bear Lake.  You can contact Big Bear Marina (a private commercial operation) at (909) 866-3218.  They are immediately adjacent to, and share launching facilities with, the Metropolitan Water District.


The Class Championship Regatta will consist of three (3) series of races: a Practice Series of one or more races on Sunday July 23rd, the Qualifying Series to be held on Monday July 24th, and the Championship Series to be held on July 25th and 26th.


The Practice Series is completely optional and has no bearing on the outcome of any of the following series however your participation is encouraged.  The Qualifying Series is mandatory for all Regatta participants.


The Championship Series will consist of two separate flights: Gold and Silver.  Details on Flight Assignment will be in the official Notice of Race.


Q: Will boat be made available for charter?

A: At this time, no.


Q: Are there are any special concerns I should have about the area?

A: Yes.  Though the city of Big Bear Lake is quite modern and offers all the amenities and services you are likely to need, do keep in mind that the elevation of the town and water is approximately 6000 feet and that some mountain passes to/from the lake are significantly higher.  The lake typically freezes in the winter and can still be quite cold well into the summer months so come prepared with proper Personal Flotation Devices and clothing.  Lastly, the skies are typically clear and thus the ultraviolet light exposure can be intense.  Bring proper sun protection.


Q: Who is hosting the Regatta?

A: Lido 14 Fleet 6 – Alamitos Bay, California is hosting the event.  The Regatta Chair is Fred Stevens.  He can be reached at (562) 438-8354 (home) or via E-mail at


Q: Who is eligible to race in the Class Championship Regatta?

A: In order to race in the Class Championship Regatta, there are several requirements.  In very layman-like terms, they are:

1)       You must be an owner or co-owner of an eligible Lido 14 (meaning it has been measured properly and has been found to comply with class rules).  There are a couple of exceptions here, such as dependent children of owners or co-owners.  If you are unsure about your qualification, contact the Lido 14 Class Association to find out more.

2)       Perhaps most importantly, you must be a Member of the Class Association AND you must have actively raced a Lido 14 at least sixty (60) days prior to the Class Championship Regatta to be eligible for this Regatta.  Members that have satisfied this requirement in any year prior to 2000 satisfy this requirement for this regatta also.  Thus, if you have NEVER raced a Lido 14 in a in a legitimate Lido 14 race then you have until May 25th, 2000 to do so.


Q: When and where are there Lido 14 Regattas that I can use to meet the 60 day requirement?

A: Any of the events listed on the Master Calendar (2000Lido14MasterCalendar) is unquestionably appropriate.  Any other regatta (i.e. non-handicapped racing) where Lido 14’s meet the eligibility for a class (typically indicated as 5 or more entrants) and they are raced according to the U.S. Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) AND the Lido 14 Class Rules is generally appropriate as well.  In many cases, “club” regattas will meet this qualification.


Q: Will boat measurement occur at the Regatta?

A: Much like years past, IF YOU BELONG TO A RECOGNIZED LIDO 14 FLEET THAT HAS A MEASURER, the Regatta Measurement Committee will not offer measurement of your Lido 14.  This is a task for your fleet measurer.  The Notice of Race will include a measurement checklist to be completed by your local fleet measurer that, in turn, must be submitted to the Regatta Registration staff to complete your registration.  If, however, you are an unattached member or your fleet doesn’t have a measurer, contact the Regatta Measurement Committee for an appointment to have your boat and equipment measured.  John Papadopoulos is the committee chairman and can be reached at (949) 863-1458 (home) or better yet via E-mail at


Note that weighing of the teams will occur as part of registration and that the Measurement Committee is planning to conduct spot check of boats and equipment for compliance to class rules.  So come prepared by bringing your already-measured boat, the completed Measurement Checklist, and your Official Measurement Certificate!


Q: When and where will the Notice of Race be published:

A: The Official Notice of Race will be published in the Class Newsletter, the BowWave, in the issue whose deadline is March 10, 2000.  As soon as the final draft is ready, it be published on the Web Page too.


March/April issue.  As soon as the final draft is available, it too will be published here.


Q: Do you have any information about Big Bear to help me plan my visit?

A: Yes.  Refer to the following Web links


Big Bear Marina

(909) 866-3218

500 Paine Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA

Marina Riviera Resort Hotel

(909) 866-7545

All Seasons Resort Rentals

(909) 866-5851

Big Bear Chamber of Commerce

(909) 866-2000

Serrano Campground Reservations

(800) 280-2267

Pine Knot Campground Reservations

Metropolitan Water District Campground (RV Only)

(909) 866-5796


General Info on Big Bear Area on the Web,, and