2000 Pete Jefferson Spring Invitational Regatta

Hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club (San Diego, CA)

May 20/21, 2000

Lido Fleet 7 hosted the annual Pete Jefferson Invitational May 20 and 21.  The event featured south- favored light and shifty breezes.  A total of 20 boats participated with 10 As, 9 Bs with 1 C who sailed with the Bs.  Sailing was fun and challenging and a light-hearted spirit prevailed throughout the event.  The Mission Bay Club house was being used for the annual presentation of the Shakey Legged Players performance this time for a rendition of Guys and Dolls.  This gave those in attendance the chance to enjoy the bar-b-que facilities of the Mission Bay beach.  Saturday Evening Pete Jefferson came by with a couple of his friends and three radio controlled model sail boats to challenge you to expand your sailing prowess into another but related field.  For those with executive minds, the Lido Class held a Board of Director's Meeting on Sunday morning to better plan the the future for the Association and its members.

The award for sailor from farthest away goes to Rich Osborne who traveled from Salt Lake City to participate in the event; Rick is one of the spark plugs of the effort to establish a new fleet in Utah.  Second prize for the longest traveler was Larry Salas from Morro Bay.  Don Barrus on a break from his engineering international travel participated with his always loyal crew Dave Porter.  Fleet 7's newest member John Ingle, a member from Coronado Yacht Club sailed his new lido 6090 with his son Charlie; Charlie was one of Kathy Allen's students in the sailing program at the summer junior program at CYC; John is interested in getting some more lidos at Coronado.  Mark Weinberger, one of Fleet 7s newest members participated in his first invitational with his sailing daughter.  John Henke one of the sailing consultants at the "Boat Shop" found a need to purchase parts from the store's inventory when a shroud failed resulting in a mast breakage; but John says he has a new mast and will soon return to sail again.   Bob Yates was without his regular crew Pat Kincaid on Saturday but Gerhardt Jansen filled in to keep him in the running for awards.


It seems that U. S. Sailing is promoting a new starting system which it proposes for adoption internationally - System 3.  Mission Bay Yacht Club, always on the edge of the newest and best could not wait to venture into the unknown - and so the regatta was sailed under that new starting system.  It amounts to a lot of horn honking and flag ups and downs.  For your Fleet Captain, he just set his watch on 5 minute count down and went when the darn thing started beeping - his starts weren't any better or any worse under the new system.  Each person was encouraged to give input of opinion to U. S. Sailing.  Your Fleet Captain did - but he is still waiting for an acknowledgement; the opinion may not have been quite complimentary enough.  And so for the time being we go back to System 2.


And now, what you are all waiting for, we present the results.  In the As:  The trophy winners were Nick Scandone 1st with 6 points; Don Barrus 2nd with 12 points; Freddie (Fred's son) Stevens 3rd with 19 points; and Bob

Yates 4th with 23 points.  Thereafter we have in order of finish:  GrantWilliams, Larry Salas, Roger Patterson, Tony Beltran, John Henke, and Jim Jackman.


In the Bs:  The trophy winners were John Ingle 1st with 8 points; Debbie Shlens 2nd with 13 points; Ed Machado 3rd with 20 points.  Thereafter we have in order of finish:  Mark Weinberger, Stan Betts, Roger Tilton,Terrie Smith, Roy Davies, Roger Hinton.  Rich Osborne earned the C trophy.


Fleet 7 thanks all who participated in this event and will welcome the Lido Fleet back for the Fall Invitational on October 7 and 8; make your plans now.


Roger Patterson

Fleet Captain Fleet 7