August 3, 2000




Thank you for all your support and participation in the past.  We really appreciate all that you have contributed, whether by sailing or working.


We will not be able to hold Sail Bear 2000 as originally planned. Several things have led us to this decision.  The Big bear Marina has been sold as Bob Ransom, our gracious host for several years has retired. The new manager  was not the most courteous host during the recent Lido 14 class championships.  Secondly, the Board of Directors of our beneficiary, DOVES, has decided that we do not make enough money for them. At a planning meeting in January of this year, we gave over the responsibility for securing sponsors and helping to raise the funds they expect. As of August 1, nothing had been done and the director neglected to tell us. Thus we are too late to begin working anew, as the Big Bear MWD requires a complete application with insurance for their lake permit. Adding to all this is Don's health. He has not totally recovered from the major back surgery he had in June '99; he still has a lot of leg pain.


We are very unhappy about this and wish we could make it better. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience in your sailing schedules.  The future of Sail Bear is unclear at this time. We will keep you informed.

Again, thank you for your support in the past.


Please share this news with your fleets and dinghy sailing colleagues.


Fair Winds


H.Donald Brown

"Papa Bear"


Margie E. Brown

"Moma Bear"