From: John A. Papadopoulos []

Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 6:51 AM

Subject: Lido 14 Class Association Bulletin #5


Dear Lido 14 racers,


During the recent Class Championships, and several times since then,

Association members have approached me with questions on bottom preparation

(that's for your Lido 14, not your fanny!). As a result, I started to write

an article for our BowWave newsletter.  However an article in the

Scuttlebutt newsletter has prompted me to make some comments now.


Under the "From the Experts" column of Scuttlebutt No. 650 (Sept. 19, 2000),

Simon Fry describes his technique for preparing his Mumm 30 his hull, which

includes wet sanding and then finishing it off with McLube brand lubricating

fluid.  There is little doubt that his method will result in lower drag and

thus a faster boat, something we all want!  The only problem in following

his approach is that some one-design classes prohibit the treatment of the

hull with lubricants.  You guessed it, the Lido 14 Class is one of them!


For reference, turn to page 54 in your 1999/2000 Handbook and Class Roster.

Paragraph 8 (of Article XIII - Design, Characteristics, and Equipment)

states…"The wetted surface of a Lido 14 shall not have any friction-reducing

additives applied to it.  Common detergent or common waxes are excluded from

this limitation."


So, by all means go through the sanding preparation and do keep an eye out

on future articles in our own BowWave newsletter for more details on

preparing your hull for optimum performance.  By the way, although Acetone

is pretty good at removing lubricants, McLube’s lubricant is pretty

tenacious and may require extra elbow grease or even a buffing job to

remove…that’s one reason it so popular and effective.




John Papadopoulos, Class President



P.S. The Scuttlebutt newsletter is edited by Tom Leweck, a well known sailor

in So. California (and a past Lido 14 racer and father of multiple Lido 14

Class Champion Craig Leweck).  It is published daily via email and is free

of charge. The newsletter content is made up of stories and editorial

comments reported by racers at large so it is colorful and wide ranging in

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P.S.S.The article in questions is as follows.



“The argument regarding the virtues of a polished or a wet sanded (bottom)

finish will probably run and run. My personal preference is for the under

water surfaces to be wet sanded with 1200 grade paper. Once uniformly

smooth, consider to how long the boat is to stay in the water and whether

scuba diving kit is available to clean the boat each day. Over the last

three or four years the lubricant McLube has been used to cover the hull

reducing drag and increasing the hulls resistance to weed/slime growth. I

find this very effective, especially in warmer waters such as the

Mediterranean.” - Simon Fry, from the Mumm 30 tuning guide found on the

Yachts and Yachting website. Full report: