Finishing 2nd place in the 2000 Jr. Championships at the age of 14 turned out to be no fluke as Justin Law, now 15, won the 2001 Jr. Class Championships with very consistent sailing in his home town of Newport Beach.  Justin, crewed by Morgan Sabo of Newport Beach, beat out 1998 Jr. Class Champion Jon Bell to win this year's event by 4 points.

Photo of Justin Law & Morgan Sabo Racing (17KByte JPEG)

This year's event was unique in that a full day of coaching and practice was provided on Saturday to help the teams to build their skills and prepare for the event.

The conditions were typical for Newport Beach with a foggy morning accompanied by a southerly breeze of about 10 knots.  The winds built slightly before the fog cleared to a sunny day with medium winds that fluctuated over a 30+ degree range making for demanding conditions for all.  To add to the picture, the racing was held in the main turning basin of Newport Beach where the competitors and race committee had to deal with the ebb tide.

In two races, competitors setting up for the start found themselves unable to stay behind the start line due to the tide but they were quick to recover.

Full results are available on the link below.

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