Santa Margarita Lake Regatta

Sept 27-28, 2003

Sponsored by Morro Bay Yacht Club

dozen boats showed up at Lake Santa Margarita for the Wysocki Invitaitonal and District 2 Championships.  Out of District boats were invited to attend but were not scored in the D II champs.  All yachts were scored in the invitational.

Morro Bay Yacht Club hosted a great BBQ Saturday, early arrivals also shared horsdueveres, drinks and dinner on Friday, and several joined in at a campfire Saturday night. The weather was warm, winds good, camping superb, and sailing excellent.  There was plenty of water in the lake, no launch ramp issues, good long courses, and we had 12 boats in the
Lido start.  They even moved the traveling sailors to the front of the line to pull our boats out for the drive home.

Tom and Bette Jenkins pulled off both events by posting 5 bullets overcoming challanges by Don and Kit Lockwood in race #5, and getting by Dave Carroll and Leon Naff on the last leg of race #2. 

Wysocki Invitational Results
1.    Tom & Bette Jenkins    Morro Bay YC
2.    Dave Carroll & Leon Naff    Mission Bay YC
3.    Peter & Anita Rothenbucher    Morro Bay YC
4.    Roger Patterson & Steve Howe    Mission Bay YC

District 2 Championships

1.    Tom & Bette Jenkins,  Morro Bay YC
2.    Don  & Kit Lockwood,  Morro Bay YC
3.    Peter & Anita Rothenbucher,  Morro Bay YC

By Dave Carroll & Jim Mackey