2004 Emerald Cup Regatta

June 26-27, 2004

A couple of weeks ago I sent a note urging Fleet 62 to make the trip to the Class Championship this summer in Eugene, OR.  I wanted to follow-up with a short report on the site/facilities now that I've raced there...

The weekend of the 26/27th was the Emerald Cup Regatta on Fern Ridge Reservoir in Eugene, and an unofficial tune-up for NW Lido sailors in preparation for Nationals held on that lake.  15 Lidos showed up from Oregon and Washington for a great weekend of racing, which saw light winds on Saturday, and a perfect, fresh breeze on Sunday.  Overall, we got 4 races off for the weekend - 1 on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday.  While the wind didn't cooperate on Saturday, the sun was out both days with temps on the mid-70's, and the scenery of the surrounding mountains and park is beautiful.  The race committee did a nice job of setting courses on their Olympic Circle (permanent buoys set around the lake - spin your course according to the wind direction), and we did a couple of W-L and a couple of triangle courses.  The water stays pretty flat, even in a breeze, and in this case racing with some keelboats on the course.  As for results, long-time Lido class member Joe D'Amico from Sequim, WA took first place with four 2nd place finishes - very consistent sailing paid off as usual.  Garrett Johns, the fleet captain up in Anacortes, WA took second with two bullets out of four races.  And local Eugene sailor Gerald Skeen took 3rd sailing with his 8 year old son Jackson.   Kay and I put ourselves in a hole with an 11th in the one light air race on Sat., and could only pull ourselves up to 7th overall for the regatta.  For our first time racing this new (to us) boat, I felt pretty good about our boat speed - it's the rusty tactics and light air sailing that hurt us.

The Eugene YC is an amazing sailing club!!!  I am so jealous of these guys.  Kay and I camped on the lawn about 100ft from the launch ramp (which there area actually three launching areas, and two small cranes).  I had a hot shower each morning in the impeccably clean restrooms, and they have an ice cream freezer well stocked with goodies for after sailing.  Besides the abundance of launching areas, there is just as much dock space to accommodate more Lidos than we can deliver for Nationals - so no mad panics to get space in or out each day.  The facility is low key, but better equipped for small boat racing than most all big clubs I've ever been to.

I could go on, but I'll just say again that this Class Championship regatta is going to be the best in a long time and you guys have got to be here.  John Nugent is making the road trip, so you have somebody to caravan with. 

Hope to see you guys up here.

Jim Sterner

Lido 5110

Place Skipper Sail # Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total
1st D'Amico 6025 2 2 2 2 8
2nd Johns 4870 3 1 5 1 10
3rd Skeen 2608 6 3 1 4 14
4th Orsini 6131 1 14 3 3 21
5th Fish 507 7 4 9 5 25
6th Stults 5071 8 5 7 6 26
7th Sterner 5110 11 8 4 7 30
8th Chase 6156 4 11 8 8 31
9th Runyan 3547 9 9 6 9 33
10th Yerves 2304 5 6 11 16 38
11th Crutchfield 1952 16 7 10 10 43
12th Fortier 50711 12 10 12 11 45
13th Morrow 997 10 13 13 13 49
14th Clevenberg 3720 13 16 15 12 56
15th Salas 6053 16 12 14 16 58