2005 Fleet 73 Championships

Hosted by Dana Point YC

Skipper Jeff McLaren and crew Tony Beltran on Imagine (4817) won the inaugural Lido 14, Fleet 73 Championship.

The race was held outside Dana Point Harbor on the waters just off Doheny Beach; the same venue where more than 20 Lido 14s raced at the District 1 Championships earlier this year.  This venue gave the competitors plenty of room to employ any race strategy they thought helpful without worrying about the confines and traffic found when racing inside the harbor.

The wind ranged from light to moderate to heavy while sailing the 3 windward/leeward races.  The fleet had a surprise when, after racing, the wind piped up to more than 15 knots making the sail (or tow) back to the safety of the harbor an adventure.  We are happy to report that carnage before and after the race was kept to a minimum with only one competitor, Russ West, unable to race due to a broken part and another, R D McCarten, unable to steer left due to a split tiller.

Jeff McLaren, the winning skipper of the fleet championships, gets to proudly display a red Lido 14 insignia with the numerals "05" on his sail to signify that he is the 2005 Fleet Champion, an honor created and recognized by the Lido 14 Class Association.  This honor award is carried for life unless a higher or more recent award is won.

Lido 14 A

Jeff McLaren and Tony Beltran Imagine (4817)           First Place & Fleet Champion
Bob Hartung and Mike Helton Speed Racer (4602)     Second Place

Lido 14 B

Tommy & Cloud Geissinger Suzie (433)                      First Place
R.D. McCarten and Tim Egelhoff LG 1 (4732)               Second Place

Many thanks to Barry Senescu, PRO, who always does an outstanding job with our races.  Thanks also to: Jim Geissinger & Susan Helton, Race Committee; Bill Fielder & Pat Shoemaker, Mark Set Boat; Mark & Lynn Acosta with Kell & Donna Grubbs, Chase Boat & Photographer.

Bob Hartung Regatta Chair

Jeff McLaren and Tony Beltran (L-R)

Mike Helton & Bob Hartung (L-R)