2006 Emerald Cup Regatta

Hosted by Triton Yacht Club

June 24 & 25

Congratulations to Steve and Ginger Orsini for talking home the gold in the Lido fleet at the Emerald Cup Regatta at Fern Ridge.

The Lido turnout was a big disappointing, however, the boats that make it out were competitive and the racing was great. Lots of sun and lots of wind. Also congratulations to Jim and Carolyn Sterner for receiving the "Corinthian" perpetual trophy. It is open all fleets and goes to boat that showed the best "Corinthian spirit". Jim and Carolyn were leading the last race of the regatta and abandoned their race tactics to assist a boat the was
sinking (they went on to win the race anyway!!).

The results and pictures are expected to be posted at http://www.tritonyachtclub.org/.

Garrett Johns

Lido Fleet 78