A message from Steve Schupak, Chairman of the W.D. Schock Memorial Regatta

The 2006 W.D. Schock Memorial Regatta is this coming weekend.  For several years running, there has been an informal race held on Friday afternoon called the Bay Championship Series that you should consider sailing in.

This is an "off book" twilight race to get on the water before the regatta to shake out the cobwebs and make sure the blocks are spinning in the right direction.

As tradition holds, this is a very informal event.  So much so that it doesn't qualify to sit on the same NOR as the W.D. Schock Memorial.  The PRO is bribable, (i.e. start lining up those mai tai's to voice your opinions or objections!), and all protests will be held the following year.  As usual, bonus points will be awarded for crew attire, spectacular displays of seamanship skills, and possibly speed around the course.

My preliminary list of limitations are:
S-35 - main and jib only
S-20 - main and jib only
Lido 14 - no whisker poles
Lehman 12 - shroud levers on at all times
Harbor 20 - no seat cushions or wingers
Finn - no hiking pants or pads

4:30 competitors meeting/berating at the flagpole
5:00 first start
6 ish pirates den for lies and libations


Steve Schupak
Chairman W.D. Schock Memerorial Regatta 2006