Turkey Shoot

Hosted by Lake Washington Sailing Club on Lake Washington, Sacramento, CA

November 11, 2006

Five races were held in stormy weather on November 11th on Lake Washington, also known as the Port of Sacramento.

During race 2, rain and wind picked up, forcing five of the eight boat fleet to retire.  Bailers were visible everywhere as crew tried to stay ahead of rainwater from the heavy downpour. The three Lidos remaining battled for the frozen turkeys awaiting them back on shore.

In the challenging regatta, Charles Witcher and Sharron Hart captured 3978's first win since her being beautifully restored.  An accomplished sailor in Santana 20 and Moore 24 classes, Charles with sailmaker/spouse Sharron Hart scored a 3,2,2,1,1 in their first Lido race in decades.

In second place, sailing in un-restored Lido 14 #229, was Rodney Neis with son David.  They had finishes of 2,3,3,2, and 3.

Jerry Lewis & Nic Odor, sailing in a borrowed 6252, had finishes of 8,1,1,3,2. Can you guess in which race they had centerboard problems?

Don and Kit Lockwood (5050) had a first then in race 2 had a 4th, barely finishing with a broken rudder fitting.

Michael & Gordon Pascual (484) placed 5, then retired

George Koch & Scott Fredrickson (4567) placed 6th in the first two races then retired

Richard Leijonflycht & Kathy Hebbeler (4516) placed 7th then retired during second race.