Delta Dinghy Ditch Regatta


Hosted by the Lake Washington Sailing Club


Saturday August 18, 2007


This 30 mile race, held in the Sacramento River Delta by the Lake Washington Sailing Club, had very heavy winds this year. A new course record was set by a Thistle in 3 hours and 19 minutes. Terry Hensley in Lido 4354 sailed the course with main alone (he forgot his jib) in 4 hours. His time amounts to an average speed that exceeds the design hull speed of the boat for 30 miles. An exhausted Terry stated at the end of the race that if he had his jib, he probably would have capsized since the wind was so strong. Steve Porter in Lido #2792 was the only other Lido of five to make it down the course without assistance however due to a very late launch and heavy winds, he did not actually start - so he sailed the course just for experience! Pat Sayer (Lido 14 #6149) required a tow due to a hard grounding (where is that beaching rudder?), George Koch (Lido 14 #4567) broke his mast and boom, and Michael Pascual broke both his forestay and port shroud. Everyone had a good time. Really!!!


Terry Hensley



George Koch



Michael Pascual



Pat Sayer



Steve Porter