2007 Lido 14 Fleet 78 Championships

Lido 14 Fleet 78, located in Anacortes, held it Fleet Championship and "end of year party".

Yes California, the Lido racing season ends in the Pacific Northwest! Now we are forced to hide our boats away somewhere warm and use our whisker poles for hanging Christmas lights dreaming of spring to hurry up and come.

We had seven boats come out and brave the rain, including the Jim and Carolyn Sterner who drove up from Bainbridge Island as well two boat loads of Orsinis (Steve and Ginger in their brand new boat that still being tinkered with).

Five windward - leeward races were run with no throw-outs. Garrett and Tracy Johns were finally able to capture the Fleet 78 Championship from the Orsinis who had been the Fleet Champions the past few years running.  Everyone had a great time despite the rain with some great close racing and a great time at the club eating pizza and talking about this and sailing next year.  We are looking forward to sailing and helping with next year's Class Championships in Eugene, Oregon!!!!

#4870 Garrett Johns / Tracy Johns  2,2,3,1,1,  9
#5110 Jim Sterner / Carolyn Sterner 1,1,4,3,2 11
#6131 Colin Orsini / Alexis Orsini  3,4,2,2,3 14
#6310 Steve Orini / Ginger Orsini  4,3,1,4,4  16
#3673 Paul VonGrey / Pierre ??    5,5,6,5,dns 29
#6132 Toby King / Barbara King   6,6,7,6,5    30
#2351 Chris Lofgren / Sue Athman 8,8,5,7,6    34