Abandoned in the Sun(kist)

January 2, 2010

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday January 2 as sailors gathered around Balboa Yacht Club prior to the start of the 3rd installment of the popular BYC Sunkist Series.  About 70, sunny skies, and no wind.  Ooops, that's the beach volleyball weather report!

Early January is a time of extreme conditions in Newport Beach - huge neap tides and no wind so it was no surprise to many when they came together this day.

Despite the grim conditions, a good number of boats (of all types) assembled their boats, put them in the water, and then tooled around the start area in front of the club waiting for a start signal that was never to come.  It was a beautiful demonstration of just how fast the outgoing tide was moving - a boat could just manage to make forward progress.  Otherwise boats were slipping sideways, drifting forwards, drifting backwards.

But who is to complain? T shirt and shorts temperatures, good sun for tanning, sitting on the patio chairs at the deck watching it all, catching up with friends, and making Vitamin D.

No races were started - they were officially abandoned.

Look forward to the fourth and last installment on February 6th!

Happy New Year to all.

Fleet 6 Racers Cindy, Kathy, Jim, and Bruce

Big down tide on January 2

The flag gets a day of rest


Report and Photos by John Papadopoulos