Lido 14 Parts Suppliers/Repair Services:


(949) 515-0597
782 Newton Way

(949) 515-0598 (Fax)

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


W.D. Shock authorized dealer. Boats, parts, custom boat tuning and outfitting


Tony's Boat Shop (Mr. Tony Burica)

(949) 642-7353

1105 Victoria


Costa Mesa, CA


The Expert in maintenance and repair of the Lido 14. Does rigging, swaging, and wood work too.


W.D. Schock Corp.

(909) 277-3377

23125 Temescal Canyon Road

(909) 277-4104 (fax)

Corona, CA 91719




Manufacturer of the Lido 14. Parts for new model and some for the Classic


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