Attention Lido 14 B Sailors!


You are invited to the 2000

Ullman B Regatta/Sailing Clinic

Sponsored by Balboa Yacht Club

Saturday, September 9


This year's edition of the Ullman B Lido 14 Regatta/Sailing Clinic will be held

Saturday September 9 at Balboa Yacht Club.  All non-“A” fleet** racers are

invited to attend the full day series of clinics and racing.


The Ullman B is a unique blend of training and racing intended to promote

the novice and intermediate Lido 14 racer.  The event will consist of clinic

sessions alternated with actual races so that participants have the chance

to discuss on-the-water events to better learn racing tactics, strategy, and

boat handling.


1999 Lido 14 Class Champion John Papadopoulos will be leading the clinics,

providing a mixture of classroom and interactive question and answer periods,

making for a personalized learning experience.


For further details, refer to the attached Notice or Race or contact Ullman B Regatta

Chair John Papadopoulos at (949) 863-1458 or at


~ $10.00 Fee ~


** You are an "A" if you raced your Lido 14 and…

1) Are a 2000 Lido 14 fleet champion

2) Placed in the top 10 at the 2000 Lido 14 Class Championships

3) Placed 1st in a 10+ boat B flight of a major regatta in the last year

4) Placed in the top 5 of a 10+ boat A flight of a major regatta in the last year