Alamitos Bay Yacht Club Oktober Fest Outside Regatta - October 13, 2001

A very unusual day of sailing indeed!  The race course was shrouded in fog with visibility typically less than 100 yards.  There was never a time where one could see the start/finish line and a mark of the course at the same time so it took skill, luck, and good eyes to make one's way around the course safely, let alone quickly.  Three races were sailed in light winds (less than 10 knots) with a mild sea swell and the occasional power boat zipping through to stir the waters up.  Nineteen competitors showed up for the regatta but, despite a valiant effort, Rob & Maggie Waterman couldn't find the race course in the pea soup.  The remaining 18 boats raced a three race "outside" series.  Smartly, the scheduled 4th and final race (race back to the clubhouse) was cancelled owing to the fact that it was impossible to see where to go.

All proceeds from this event are being sent to a fund for the Sept. 11 tragedies.  

2001 Class Champion Mark Gaudio, with 1999 Class Champion John Papadopoulos as crew, won the regatta with scores of 1, 3, and 1.

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