2004 Lido 14 Sr. Class Championship Regatta Info

August 8th - 11th, 2004

Fern Ridge Lake, Oregon

Hosted by Eugene Yacht Club

Click on the following links to view the Notice of Race, Registration Form, and Measurement Checklist documents (in PDF format).

NOR    Registration Form    Measurement Checklist

Please read all these documents thoroughly.

A Note On Measurement
The measurement system in the Lido 14 class calls for individuals to make measurement appointments with their Fleet Measurer (or the Class Measurer if they don't have a Fleet Measurer) to have their boat checked against the Measurement Checklist.  Note that this checklist is addition to your Official Certificate of Measurement and RegistrationWhy do we use this two document system?  Because it eliminates most of the problems associated with measuring boats at the Championships - the normal practice for sailing championships.  Problems with measuring on site include: needing extra days in the regatta schedule, needing extra staff at the regatta, needing to bring extra tools and parts to correct for problems found in measurement, needing to set up some form of hoist or crane to weigh boats.  If you have any questions about measurement, contact your fleet measurer or the Class Measurer John Gresham.

A Note On the Venue
Eugene Yacht Club has showers, a laundry room, and RV parking.  Tent camping is on the big lawn area in front of the club house (see pictures below).  RV parking is in the parking lot behind the club (not shown).  A short walk from Eugene Yacht Club is Richardson Park which has equipped with nice RV and tent sites and showers.  Motels are nearby too (I-5 and Beltline roads).

We strongly encourage you to visit the Eugene Yacht Club website and look at the Visitor Info section for more information and things to do in the area.

If you are interested in training at the same venue, consider racing in the Emerald Cup Regatta hosted by Triton Yacht Club June 26 & 27.

Some pictures of the club...

stuff0005.jpg (82842 bytes) Eugene Yacht Club - looking out to the lake as you come down the driveway.

stuff0006.jpg (39266 bytes)

Front lawn of the club looking towards the marina

stuff0009.jpg (74847 bytes)

On the front lawn looking towards the dry storage area (a little bit to the right of the picture above)

stuff0019.jpg (41004 bytes)

On the front lawn from a position near the dry storage boats and looking more towards the North